Power BI

Integrating Power BI Into Azure Web App
Power BI is a great data visualisation tool, which makes it easy to get insights from the raw data...

Azure Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning - Azure
This is 1st video in the series of 6 videos. Video gives you the basic understanding of Machine Learning.
Applications of Machine Learning - Azure
This is 2nd video in the series of 6 videos. Video tells about the applications of machine learning.
Azure Machine Learning Introduction
This is 3rd video in the series of 6 videos. Video gives introduction to Azure Machine Learning.
Azure ML Workflow - Azure
This is 4th in the video series of 6 videos. Video explains about how to make Azure ML Workflow.
Case Study - Azure
This is 5th video in the series of 6 videos. Video uses a industry scenario to make the azure machine learning workflow.
Model Creation and Deployment - Azure
This is the last video in the series of 6 videos. This video is in continuation with the previous video and explains about how to create model for the same.

Digital Marketing

Why Data Driven Marketing?
Digital age is upon us, and our daily living is getting more and more technology enabled...
Digital Marketing Data – How To Approach?
Digital marketing data can be enormous, which can prompt a lot of analysis in your mind...
Engaging Audience On Social Media And Analytics Behind It
With so many Social Media platforms, where number of people engage on day to day basis, it is important for a brand to engage such platforms in their marketing strategy...
Customer Empathy Is Key
A friend of mine wanted to explore analytics for a particular branch of a retail chain of grocers...
Digital Marketing Data – The What And So What?
Data in business is becoming critical, and often, it is becoming a competitive advantage. ..
Marketing Strategies - Then and Now
This video draws a comparison between the marketing technologies most of the companies used before and the one's used now a days.
Marketing Strategies - Personalisation
This is the 2nd video in the Marketing Strategies video series. This video tries to depict how currently people try to find things using internet for their personal use.
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